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We know what makes your customers smile

Procter is a training and consulting company. We inspire customer focused service stories that can help you to build brilliant human connections. We can take you behind the smile and show you how to be different.

Inspire customer focused mindsets

We work with you to inspire a change in mindsets, break existing habits and empower your people to think and act in a new, different and customer focused way.

Build courageous and connected leaders

We help them to see the impact of their actions and develop the skills to transform their team’s performance. We give them the courage to lead change.

Deliver consistently brilliant conversations

We’ll give your people the vision, beliefs, skills and motivation to deliver consistently brilliant conversations.

Through proven experience

For over 30 years we have been walking the talk in all the major industry sectors.
We understand your world.

Replace old thinking with new thinking

To make your customer conversations even more consistently brilliant, we’re always researching and seeking ways to improve performance.

Here are some of our latest insights:

Deliver results you can measure

No measurement, no learning.
Our client impact team is dedicated to measuring the results of your projects and investment.

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